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Registered Fish Farms


Registered Fish Farms
Registered Fish Farms
(Marine Fish & Pond Fish)
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Good Aquaculture Practice

Series 1: Fish Feed Management
Series 1
Series 2: Mariculture Management
Series 2
Series 3: Pond Culture Management
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Series 4: Fish Disease Prevention
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Series 5: Fry Health Management
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Accredited Fish Farm


QR code

QR code
- Tag printed with QR code for tracing the source of fish products.
- By simply scanning the QR code fish tag with a mobile device that is equipped with QR Code reader application, public can trace the origin of the fish and report of quality assurance tests. Information about the fish farm, cultured species are also available.
Pompano with tag

AFFS Fish Tag Search

Beside scanning the QR code, public can enter the unique 8-digit number printed on the fish tag to acquire relevant information of Accredited Fish Farm Scheme Products.

Please click the following link for AFFS Fish Tag Search.



  The local aquaculture industry is facing two major challenges: competition with imported aquatic food products and the lack of consumer confidence in fish and seafood.

Due to the high production costs locally, competition with imported aquatic food products by price is impossible. Improving the quality of locally produced aquaculture products, together with a product quality assurance system, is a promising way for local farms to compete with imported goods instead.


What is
Accredited Fish Farm?

What is Accredited Fish Farm

Fish Farm Inspection

Accredited Fish Farm Inspection

Accredited Fish Farm Products

Grey mulletGrey mullet
Green grouperGreen grouper
Brown spotted grouperBrown spotted grouper
White blotched snapperWhite blotched snapper
Giant grouperGiant grouper
Black seabreamBlack seabream
Jade PerchJade perch
Black CroakerBlack croaker
Emperor Red SnapperEmperor red snapper
Goldlined SeabreamGoldlined seabream
Head GruntHead grunt
Purple AmberjackPurple amberjack